Domestic Rubber Components

Door Stops, Garage Door Weather strips, Chair Ferrules & Feet, Door & Window Sealing Strips


Door & Boot hatch Seals, Spring Boosters, Exhaust Hangars, Rubber Grommets, Fender Trimms & Edging

Industrial Components

Machine Mounts, D Fender Buffers, Neoprene & Nitrile Cord, Gasket Sheeting Material

A Little About Us

Rubber Products & Mouldings (Pty) Ltd is a retail and manufacturer of rubber and silicone components in Cape Town.

Over 65 years ago a manufacturing vision was realized, One that valued quality, understood the importance of specialised products and saw the need for excellence.

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RPM Manufacturing
Factory Profile

We are the largest rubber product manufacturing concern in the entire Cape Town, and have been manufacturing since the early 1960’s.

We boast with some of the largest press machines and can mould a wide variety of rubber products. Our machines range from 20t to 200t, with platen sizes from 300mm x 300mm to 900mm x 1800mm. Compression moulding, Injection moulding and profile extruding all under one roof.

Introducing Our New Product Line

RPM is pleased to confirm that they have agreed a partnership with Hexpol Compounding (UK) Ltd.

Hexpol Compounding is the world renowned, UK based specialist supplier to the Roller Covering and Chemical Lining markets. (www.Hexpol.com)

HEXPOL is one of the world’s leading polymer groups focussed on the development and production of advanced, high-quality rubber compounds and is one of only a few truly global suppliers in the industry. Its operations include 40 production facilities worldwide all using the company’s fully integrated production process.

Hexpol has state of the art laboratory equipment offering world class technical support.

RPM in association with Hexpol Compounding (UK) can now offer the Sub-Saharan African market quality rubber compounds tailor made to customer requirements for the roller and chemical lining industries.

Technical solutions for applications in the roller industry include HNBR, EPDM/Silicone, Foam,  NBR, PVC/NBR, CSM, NR/SBR, Special Silicones, Speciality Fillers, Nylon substitutes & Bonding Silicone.

The compound range provides world class solutions in the following industries:

  • Printing Roller Coverings, includes offset printing compounds, flexographic printing compounds, gravure printing grades & electrostatic assist (ESA) compounds
  • Paper Mill Roller Coverings
  • Steel Mill Roller Coverings, includes high acid resistance compounds
  • General industrial Coverings

In addition RPM will be able to offer services such as screening and stripping of compounds.

With over 65 years of market experience, technical expertise and with Hexpol’s international technology we bring to our customers innovative solutions to meet and exceed our customer requirements.

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