RPM Factory Profile

We are the largest rubber product manufacturing concern in the entire Cape Town, and have been manufacturing since the early 1960’s.

We boast with some of the largest press machines and can mould a wide variety of rubber products. Our machines range from 20t to 200t, with platen sizes from 300mm x 300mm to 900mm x 1800mm. Compression moulding, Injection moulding and profile extruding all under one roof.

Over the years we have processed products from tooling which has been designed by some of the best toolmakers in South Africa, enabling us to design your product to your specific requirements by sample or drawing.

We have a great team of machine operators with years of experience and can mould your product in any type of rubber compound, shape or size.

Rubber Products and Mouldings is one of the few companies that has it’s own manufacturing facility, which enables us to offer a suitable pricing structure to our clients.

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