RPM puts skids into imports

Lockdown has changed the thinking locally.  We need to think “Manufacture local” where-ever we can!  At RPM we have taken on the challenge.  We currently are in full production of two previously imported products both of which have been designed and implemented during 2020.  The Rubber Skids and Rubber Truck Mudflaps are now produced at our Maitland manufacturing facility.  At RPM we are “putting our money where our mouth is” and investing in local production.  Both these products have taken extensive investment and this, following the devastating effects of lock-down on most SA companies, demonstrates our commitment to local production.  The Rubber Skids have already attracted attention- refer attached article.  We have also locally produced a Rubber Grommet that was previously imported by one of our RPM Rollers printing companies.  Using our in-house Rubber Technical expertise we were able to adapt the Rubber on one of our standard grommets to satisfy our customers’ requirements.  A clear demonstration that expanding RPM group of companies can offer solutions to our customers on a wide range of Rubber products.  www.rpm.co.za

Please visit https://www.rpm.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/RPM-puts-skids-into-imports.pdf to view the article

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