RPM re-enters rollers sector

RUBBER Products & Mouldings has started a new business division, RPM Rollers, effective 1 February. RPM Rollers was conceived by Wayne Tozer and Sue Supasar in 2019, who had completed their purchase of the Cape company earlier in the year. Prior to that, RPM had been a supplier of rollers for over 40 years and had originally manufactured them in-house. Over the years this production was outsourced. When she became involved at RPM, Supasar noticed that potential existed to re-introduce the manufacture of roll covers in-house. Equipment used in the production of existing products was suitable for roll covers.

“As reported previously, RPM has entered into a sole distributor agreement with global rubber compounder Hexpol. RPM Rollers intends making exclusive use of the Hexpol range of compounds on all rollers it produces,” he added. RPM Rollers intends developing itself into a world class roll covering facility.

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